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The Battery Technology Podcast | Developing a Fully Dry Solid State Battery

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Blue Current’s Mission with Battery Safety and Performance 

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The Case for Silicon in a Fully Dry Battery System – Jumping into the Future of Battery Technology 

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PFAS and Fluorine Free Battery Technology – Designed for Safety from the Atom Up

Blue Current CTO Speaks at Volta Foundation’s Battery Brunch

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2023 Momentum Release

Umicore Steps up Solid-State Battery Technology Development With Investment in Blue Current

Spinoff From Argonne-Led Innovation Hub Opens New Frontier for Batteries

The Next Generation of All Solid-State Batteries, With Dr. Kevin Wujcik, Chief Technology Officer at Blue Current Inc.

Blue Current Proposes Plan to Us Department of Energy to Accelerate the Scaling of Its Solid-State Platform

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Blue Current Celebrates Its Battery Science and Manufacturing Interns

California Energy Leaders Visit Blue Current to Learn About Future of Solid-State Batteries

Blue Current CTO Speaks at Stanford Storagex Symposium

Blue Current CTO Speaks at Department of Energy Workshop on Solid State Battery Manufacturing

Blue Current CEO speaks at the Stanford Global Energy Summit

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Blue Current Hires New VP of Manufacturing

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Blue Current Announces New CEO from Amazon Web Services and Pilot Plant Investment

Koch Industries’ Bet on Batteries