Blue Current Proposes Plan to Us Department of Energy to Accelerate the Scaling of Its Solid-State Platform

Blue Current has provided a detailed plan to the US Department of Energy entitled, “Scale-Up of Silicon Elastic Composite Battery Technology Manufacturing for Electric Vehicles.” The proposal includes joint research with four universities and government labs and support letters from the State of California and six global active material suppliers and advanced energy storage and vehicle manufacturers. The DOE provided the following comments:

“The proposed work is scientifically meritorious and revolutionary.”

“The proposal provides strong, rigorous evidence supporting claimed performance and stability benefits, a detailed and specific plan of action for developing, validating, and scaling up the manufacturing process, and an overall technoeconomic analysis supporting the work;”

“Applicant has adequately provided a comprehensive narrative for investment in the development of said technology.”

“The team is exceptional and spans experienced professionals in academic, national labs, and industry with an established track record of success”.