Blue Current Celebrates Its Battery Science and Manufacturing Interns

The Company’s Internship program in Hayward, California, provides upcoming scientists and engineers with experience with advanced solid-state battery design and assembly.

Here’s a big thanks to Cooper Shea from Stanford. In his own words…”My summer at Blue Current helped me grow far more than I expected – and I am grateful for everything I learned…. Beyond getting mentorship on my own projects for conductive slurry dispersion and market analysis, I had the chance to learn from thoughtful people; from the other interns to the leadership, the team was extremely gracious with their time to support me. Coming from academic research, it was eye-opening to see discovery blended with design for real world scale. I can’t wait to see what new technologies become possible once solid-state batteries take off.”

Here’s a big thanks to Sarah Dolan from UC Davis. In her own words…”Joining the Blue Current team as a summer intern was a unique learning experience. It was amazing to be a part of a start-up company with so many talented scientists and engineers. It was interesting for me as a research and development intern to follow the chemical synthesis of raw material all the way to performance analysis of solid state battery cells. I particularly loved the full staff lunches at the end of the week to learn about other teams’ projects. I am excited to see where the company is headed in the next few years.”

Here’s a big thanks to Leah Abraham from UC Santa Barbara. In her own words…”My summer at Blue Current has been an extremely informative and fulfilling experience. I got to learn about the manufacturing process of solid-state batteries, which I believe will become a major component of the EV industry. Although I was initially nervous due to my lack of experience, everyone was always willing to teach me new concepts and techniques. It was also incredibly rewarding to contribute to multiple team projects and be a key part of notable company milestones.”